• “I felt compelled to do my civic duty, which in this instance was to call out injustice and divisiveness as I saw it. My only regret is that the lyrics are still all too painfully relevant today.”

    Stephen Stills

  • On November 12, 1966, Stephen Stills found himself a witness to the demonstrations taking place on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. He was inspired to immediately pen the song “For What It’s Worth” in response to these events. The song has become a cultural mainstay and iconic protest anthem.

    On April 24, 2020 Billy Porter released his soul stirring version of the song to support voter registration initiatives across the country. On June 15, 2020, he released the music video paying homage to the protests against police brutality happening across the country. Billy’s version of “For What It’s Worth” has introduced this song to a new generation of young people Speaking Their Mind.

  • “I’ve always been very political and have always been on the left. What’s going on in this country is crazy right now. I wanted to have a song that came out during the election year to sort of help, hopefully, ignite some influence.”

    Billy Porter